Footage by The Bird & The Bear
Footage by The Bird & The Bear

"Where do I even begin?!  Mike was AMAZING.  Before the wedding, we met with him up in The Woodlands where we live, and Mike made the journey to sit with us and talk about our vision and what songs we prefer, what songs we don't want, etc.  As a very meticulously planned out bride, I created certain playlists of songs for each portion of the day, and Mike made that all come to life.  When my Husband and I were at a loss for a song, Mike stepped in and sent us recommendations.  During the day of, he came early and set up everything and was ready to go!  At the reception he wasn't just the DJ, he was the emcee, party starter, and partial coordinator.  Sometimes you go to weddings and the flow just seems off and/or the dance floor looks sad, but not with Mike.  He kept things at a great pace and really let our guests feel welcomed and comfortable.  Mike was a true professional who has a great energy and spirit about him.  You can really tell that he enjoys what he does!  My husband and I both decided that we wished he could have been a wedding guest and we could have partied with him too!"

"I can't express how great Mike Watson was! Not only was he the perfect DJ, but he communicated with our photographer and caterers and pretty much ran our event. After meeting with him once, I gave him a few songs, and with that, he created the perfect playlist. I could enjoy my special day without worry."

"Mike was the BEST DJ we could have asked for at our wedding. He played a great mix of music that was totally based on the music we love, had people up and dancing all evening, and--best of all--was completely attentive to how flexible a wedding schedule has to be. He communicated efficiently and made it all look seamless.  This guy is a champ and incredibly helpful during the entire planning process, not just day-of."

"DJ Mike was a phenomenal DJ and much more! He listened to our music suggestions, got the crowd excited, and kept people on the dance floor throughout the night. But even more, he helped the reception go so smoothly! When we were falling a little behind our established timeline, he was flexible and offered suggestions so that we got to finish greeting all of our guests while still keeping the night on track. I loved that he always made sure we were ready to move on before we went to the next thing. I would definitely recommend DJ Mike to any couples in the Houston area!"

"DJ Mike was the MC for our wedding and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his service!  He was professional, fun, and easily accommodated last minute changes to our wedding timeline.  I would absolutely recommend to anybody looking for a DJ who is on top of their game!"

"Mike was absolutely amazing!!  We met twice over the course of our wedding planning so that we were all on the same page about music, atmosphere, order of events, etc.  Mike handled everything during the reception and helped make sure everything went smoothly.  He really helped make our wedding day perfect!"

"Mike was a perfect DJ & emcee! He simply & thoroughly helped us figure out what songs we wanted played & perfectly executed playing the specific songs we needed & emceeing. Seriously - everyone raved about how fun our dance floor was & how awesome the energy was. He also did a wonderful job of keeping on on our timeline too. He paid attention to all the little details & played a huge role in our day being perfect. 10/10 would recommend!"

"Mike did SUCH an amazing job at our wedding! He was a fantastic DJ and really created a fun party vibe, but more than that, he really stepped in and helped with planning the reception timeline and kept everything flowing smoothly on the day-of. He really went above and beyond - he consistently checked with us for our opinions every step of the way, brought up questions we hadn't even thought of, and managed the little hiccups of the day smoothly, keeping everything fun and making sure no one's feelings got hurt. Our big day would have been so much more stressful without him - instead we were able to just relax and have a good time. Choosing D&Co was one of the easiest decisions that we made - if you hire Mike, you won't regret it!"

"Mike was so great!!! He did an amazing job at setting the dinner moods and keeping our party going throughout the night! He also does ceremony music plus lighting, and caters to all music tastes. He was very easy to work with and very accommodating to our special requests. And you can't beat his price!!! D&Co Entertainment is where it's at if you're looking for a company that can do it all while having a blast!"

"Mike was THE best DJ! We relied heavily on him the whole night to help organize our guests and our schedule, and he really delivered, especially with the different types of music we were requesting. I also received many compliments throughout the night on how great of a DJ he was. I would definitely recommend DC&O, he was a marvelous find!"

"Congratulations, you found your DJ! Mike is SERIOUSLY good at what he does. He even worked with our day of coordinator to make sure everything ran smoothly in other areas. She was super impressed, and thankful to have him there, and we were able to have fun and enjoy the night. Seriously, this is your guy. I cannot recommend him enough."

"We could not have been luckier in finding Mike for our wedding! Initially, my husband and I were not planning on inviting a DJ, to keep the budget down, but decided it was worth it to not have to worry about another thing on our day. Of course we priced and talked to multiple DJs, but we fell in love with D&Co from the beginning. Mike was very friendly and casual, helping us to relieve some stress, and also was very professional on the business side of things. We really just wanted someone to handle music for us, but he handled so much more and it made our day even better! Everyone has stressful wedding days, and ours was no different. From planning every little detail, to getting dressed and prepped for our outdoor ranch wedding, to needing to use our tractor to push our rental truck out of the mud. Mike showed up early, asked what we needed, and set his stuff up and got us briefed on the nights events. He not only played music for us perfectly, but he acted as our MC for the night, turned on lights when we forgot them, and even helped pick up trash during our rehearsal. Without being asked, he 1000% went above and beyond. I am from Brazil and speak Portuguese, and my husband is from the United States and has a Hispanic family, and Mike catered to all of the cultures present at the wedding, even playing the Fightin' Texas Aggie War Hymn for all of the Texas A&M alumni there. I would not hesitate to call Mike for any other event I might have, and I completely recommend him for your event! You will get all that you pay for and more, and will not be disappointed. Thanks Mike!"

"Mike was such an incredible DJ at our wedding. We gave him a general idea of the music we wanted played (top wedding hits, Arab music, and a few specific songs during very specific moments of the wedding). He expertly weaved every song in beautifully from entrance to exit, and looking back at our video, we are so, so happy to have booked him for our wedding. Not only was he a fantastic DJ and ensured every song was perfectly on cue; he also helped host with our MC, guiding our guests to dinner and dessert. We loved working with him - Mike is a fun guy, super professional, and catered to our every need. He went above and beyond expectations, and we can't recommend him enough. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without him. Thank you, Mike, for being such a wonderful part of our wedding day."

"We gave him a pretty strict list of what songs we wanted (and specific time of the song we wanted) for certain events (walk down, "kiss the bride", walk in, cake cutting, etc) and he did a FANTASTIC job sticking with what we wanted while also feeling out the room of what songs people would want to dance to."

"DJ Mike was perfect!! DJ Mike helped us set-up a timeline and worked with us on a "play/don't play" list before the wedding. I think Mike somehow managed to play ALL of the songs on our playlist (even the obscure ones my husband picked) and more. The dance floor was "HOT!" all night. More than anything, Mike jumped in almost acting as our day-of coordinator (since we did not have one) to ensure everything was on-time and ran smoothly. I even had a guest comment "Your day-of coordinator/DJ is amazing!" I didn't even have to ask Mike to do this, he just did it. It was so helpful, and something I didn't even know I needed."

"Mike was an awesome DJ. We were nervous about selecting a DJ but have no reservations with recommending him. The timeline and schedule of events was perfectly executed!! He brought everything needed and was very professional!"

"He was an absolute joy to work with!  On top of his awesome DJ skills, he cut my processional song just the way I wanted for the ceremony.  He had everyone up and dancing at all times, and always checked in to make sure that we were good.  He worked super well with the other vendors I had, which was important for me as well!  I highly recommend booking with him, as he is not too expensive and he offers great quality and care for what you pay for.  He even had lights that he brought for the dance floor, which was a great addition!"

"We couldn't have been happier!  When talking and meeting with Mike, I gave him a list of all the 'detail' songs, told him the type of music we wanted played during cocktail hour and dinner, told him what we specifically didn't want, and gave him 'free reign' rather than giving him any kind of list.  He did an amazing job!  He listened to what we had to say, and implemented it at the wedding and kept the party going.  Everyone was on the dance floor having a great time."

"I could not have asked for a better experience! I searched various options for a DJ, and we were lucky enough to come across Mike. From the start we had such an easy line of communication. He helped coordinate the pre-wedding discussions and planning. He was beyond easy to work with. He was attentive to detail, organized, and professional. He truly went above and beyond from the very start. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike with D&Co Entertainment to anyone!"

"My new wife and I recently got married and used D & Co. Entertainment for our DJ services.  Mike went above and WAY beyond what we ever could have expected from a DJ.  From the initial meeting, he built a great rapport with us and encouraged us to share our song ideas and overall vision with him throughout the planning stages.  As a musician, I had to throw some curveballs at him.  I had 2 songs that I had recorded specially for the event and he added them into the playlist seamlessly.  We also had 2 videos that he assisted with (not in the job description) AND throughout the wedding, he helped keep everything on task and on time (also not in the job description).  He was like the musical wedding director that we never knew we so desperately needed.  I will HIGHLY recommend Mike and D & Co. Entertainment to any and ALL of my friends or family that find themselves needing mobile entertainment services.  Top notch in my book!"

"If I could give Mike a 10 star review, I would! He not only made our wedding what we always dreamed of, he did it at a far more affordable price than any of the other DJ's who quoted us. He was totally professional and incredibly easy to work with - not overbearing at all (which some of the other DJ companies came across as). He made the entire night go by smoothly - and got in all the things we wanted to do in a short 3 hour time period (which other DJ's had told us would be impossible to do). I would recommend D&Co Entertainment to anyone who wants their guests to get down and party - he listened to all of our suggestions, got all the songs in that we wanted, and kept the whole wedding dancing the whole time. Thank you, Mike!"

"We are so happy we hired Mike for our wedding! We had a multicultural wedding and he went above and beyond to make sure our special requests were understood and followed through perfectly for both our entrance and exit. He was great at adapting the plans throughout our reception based on how the timing was going. He also did a great job coordinating with the photographer and other vendors as well. On top of all that, he was a super nice guy and was very professional! We can't recommend him enough! Thanks Mike!!"

"A phenomenal DJ. I found Mike on Instagram and saw in all his videos that the crowd was dancing! I called him and he was the nicest, charismatic guy, and I knew he would fit in perfect on our special day. The day of, he was there super early, took care of all his own stuff- seriously never had a problem! He was a huge crowd pleaser and extremely comfortable with the mic. I wasn’t worried one bit about him, and he did such a good job I can’t recommend him enough. Seriously you can’t go wrong by booking DJ Mike. Thank you so much!"

"Would thoroughly recommend DJ Mike - he was our DJ for our wedding reception recently and was fantastic. He was great right from the start- helping us to pick out a playlist of our favorite songs, coming early to make sure everything was set up and ready, working through a plan for the night and serving as a brilliant MC and DJ. Everyone had a blast at the reception and on a personal note Mike is very polite, easy to get along with and professional- exactly the sort of person that you want around you at a wedding!"

"Mike took all of my requests seriously and wasted no time in getting the party started.  One of the easiest people ever to work with.  I'd highly recommend him for ANY AND ALL of your entertainment needs!"


"Mike did an AMAZING job.  When the dancing started, it didn't stop until the lights went on at the end of the evening.  Thanks for making the party everything I wanted it to be.  Will definitely use you again if I ever need a DJ in the future."

"Mike did a great job of responding to messages promptly, ensuring that planning went smoothly throughout the process. He was also very flexible with accommodating music requests from guests. Overall, it was a great night and I would definitely work with him again!"

"Mike was set up and ready to go when we all arrived and played great music to fit the mood and age of the crowd.  As the night went on and the younger crowd remained he gauged his music towards that and it turned into a full on dance party!"

"Mike mixed songs for us and updated them with short notice. We appreciated his services! He made the ceremony sweet and the reception memorable."


"Mike was awesome to work with. He was very responsive during the planning process. Arrived to our venue on time and was able to handle last minute changes. Had an awesome sound setup and really got the crowd moving. Really appreciated all he did!"


"Mike Watson was awesome!  Loved all the songs that he played and he did a great job as the emcee.  Great value for price.  Awesome sound system and lighting.  He also got everyone to dance till the end of our wedding.  Most weddings that I have attended, people stop dancing after 30 minutes.  He had everyone dancing till 11:30 pm.  Thank you for being a part of our special day.  I would highly recommend Mike Watson and I would definitely use him again for any event requiring a DJ."


"We worked with Mike for our 4-hour wedding reception, and for the little bit of my own wedding that I remember, he was on top of things! He knew when to proceed with certain activities on the itinerary, yet was flexible enough when we wanted to change things around.  He also worked really well with the other vendors (a videographer, photographer, and a Swing dance instructor - the latter of which he had to coordinate with before the wedding). Very professional, and I felt like we were in great hands. I'm looking forward to the video of the wedding day so I can see a bit more of how the guests experienced the reception, and Mike's DJ and emcee skills!"


"Mike did a wonderful job, and definitely helped to make our wedding reception a success. People were out on the dance floor the entire time during the reception, and everyone had a great time dancing to the music. Mike was great about communicating throughout the reception, including making announcements, and he did a fabulous job. I would recommend D&Co to anyone with an upcoming wedding/event where a DJ is needed...he was great!"


"Mike is an amazing DJ. He took charge and did absolutely everything we asked of him. He had very fair pricing, especially being that our wedding was on New Year’s Eve and our reception went until after midnight. We got to bring in the New Year together, and it was amazing! He stayed in constant communication with my husband and I leading up to our big day and answered any and all questions we had. His cues for every event at our reception were on time and flowed so well even when our time line needed to be changed, he was flexible. Any and all future events my husband and I have, we will definitely be hiring him. We couldn’t have been happier with his services. Thanks again Mike! You are absolutely wonderful at what you do! You made our wedding memorable for us and for everyone who attended! We are so grateful!"


"Mike was a pleasure to plan and work with. His musical taste and suggestions worked perfectly for our Jamaican/Caribbean wedding. The day of the even went by seamlessly and we all had a lot of fun! Thank you so much!"


"Mike did a awesome job at my wedding! He was really nice and easy to work with. We would definitely hire him again."


"From the first time we met with Mike my husband and I knew right away that he would be the perfect person to hire as DJ and MC for our wedding.  Mike takes the time to get to know you as a couple and goes through all the details from start to finish.  Mike was able to clarify our musical tastes and offer expert suggestions.  We really appreciated the personalized playlists he put together for us to preview before the big day.  Mike was able to adapt and make adjustments on the fly and he did a perfect job of setting the music to the mood.  We were so excited that at the end of the night he was able to turn our reception into a vibrant dance party despite it being a rather intimate reception!  It truly turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.  Mike is laid back but professional.  He is able to put you at ease with his knowledge and experience.  We received so many compliments from our guests about how much they enjoyed the music and dancing.  Thank you Mike for making our reception an unforgettable night!"


"Thank you!  You were a great, professional and very courteous DJ.  Thanks very much for a great set up last night, and I very much appreciated your friendliness throughout.  Thank you again, and great job!"


"Mike did a great job at our wedding.  He was easy to work with, and knew all the right questions to ask upfront.  We didn't have to worry about our sound guy or DJ service once." 


"We couldn't have asked for a better DJ!  I seriously can't express how great Mike was - he was absolutely the best!  He was a true professional - and a really nice guy!  He accommodated our weird requests (cha cha songs, line dancing songs) and kept the party moving along.  Would definitely recommend Mike to anyone and everyone!"


"Timely, personable, just a overall great experience!  Thanks for putting so much thought into our themed party!  Appreciated having a microphone, and overall flexible going 2 hours over!  Thanks again for letting the night organically happen!  And handling the silly guest's requests that maybe beveraged too much!  Thanks for making our party so fun!!!!!"